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Are we being misled by the labelling of ‘High Needs’ babies when they just need sleep?

Are we being misled by the widespread labelling of “high needs” and “fussy” babies, when really these babies just need sleep? Harry is our second child. He is now three years old and he is sweet, caring, shy at times yet loud and cheeky when he wants to be too. When Harry was around 12 weeks old, I was told Harry was a “High-Needs” (HN) baby and that was the reason why he was so unsettled and had been since birth. I was told that was his temperament, that’s just who he was, and we needed to get used

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How Personal Experience Effects the way we Perceive Baby Sleep

How personal experience affects the way we perceive baby sleep

About a month ago, I came across a post in another private Facebook group. This group wasn’t specifically for baby sleep and the post was presented in more of a health-related way however when reading through it, I very quickly realised that a lot of the baby’s struggles weren’t because of her health. They looked to be very much related to her sleep, or lack thereof. Loads of mums were replying to this mother, suggesting complex medical treatments and procedures that she should consider for her baby and not one person commented on the sleep side of things. Except

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Taking the emotion out of baby sleep

The more work I do as a sleep consultant, the more I realise how important it is that we look at sleep from a scientific stand point and not from an emotional one. Sleep, especially baby and child sleep, has become such an emotional topic of discussion. I completely understand why people get emotional about sleep because when your struggling to get your child to sleep and your feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, it’s hard not to get emotional about it. When you go day after day, week after week, month after month battling to get more than a few

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Well meaning advice Dream Start Baby

Well meaning advice doesn’t always hit the mark

As a baby sleep and routine support consultant, one of the comments I hear all the time when first working with a family who are having issues with their baby’s sleep is: “We were just waiting for it to get better” or “People were telling us it would all work out” or “Friends were telling us to just do what we needed to do and don’t worry about trying to establish a routine”. I absolutely understand and appreciate the good intentions (REALLY good intentions actually) of those offering advice in trying to stay positive for the family involved and

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Dream Start Baby on Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks

Many new parents have the Wonder Weeks app or have read the book. It has become a popular information resource for parents on your baby’s development at various stages (known as “leaps”) throughout their first 20 months of life. As parents, we just want as much information as we can and so something like this comes along, we really latch onto it and become very wrapped up in all of the detail and almost be living the day to day happenings in our baby’s life through what Wonder Weeks is telling us. With Wonder Weeks, I am finding that

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