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“Before Dream Start Baby I was unsure as to how I should be guiding my little girl to make sure she had the best start possible in life. Edie was my first which opens up nothing but questions about what I should be doing when to make sure she was getting the sleep she needed to make the most of her up time in the first year of her life. This was so important to me as their up time is so limited you want to make sure they have had the rest they need to be able to enjoy and take-in everything they see and do with you.

All in all Edie has been a little dream!  She goes down without too much trouble at all – max 5-10 minutes grizzle on the odd occasion and has her 3 sleeps during the day in her cot (prior to Dream Start Baby she was not regularly sleeping during the day and if she did it would have to be on a human or it wouldn’t happen!). If Edie wakes she is also able to self-settle which is a godsend!

Honestly Dream Start Baby gave me the confidence in knowing how to guide Edie to make sure she was a well rested, well fed and happy little lady! When I compare the days before and after Dream Start Baby the information and guidance I received was life changing and enabled me to give Edie the best start in life possible.”

Sarah, VIC

“I started the Dream Start Baby routine from the first day that my 2nd baby was born, after having sleeping issues with my first. The routine was so logical and easy to follow, and set us off on the right foot from the first day. I couldn’t believe how quickly my baby was in a good routine, which she is still in now. She is only four months and already sleeps for an 8 hour stretch at night time. This is thanks to the advice and expertise of Maryanne and Steph. I am really enjoying being a mum for the second time, and feel rested and well.”

Sally, NSW

“Dream Start Baby has given me the confidence that most mums lack.

With my Daughter who is now 20 months, I was  way out of my depth, every time she cried I put her on the breast, I thought she was always hungry, she never slept. I was exhausted, she was exhausted and the first 6 months of her life was not enjoyable at all.

I came across ‘Dream Start Baby’ when I was at the end of my pregnancy with my son, who is now 1 month old. I was very impressed, it all made sense, I could totally relate and get an understanding on what I did wrong with my Daughter. Although we still have unsettled times, by following ‘Dream Start Baby’ I now have the confidence to know exactly what to do with him and I know what he needs. Because of this new found confidence from day 1, I have a very settled baby and I am loving the newborn stage.

I am so thankful that I came across ‘Dream Start Baby’ and I will be recommending it to all of my new mum/pregnant friends.”

Kellee, NSW

“Just wanted to give a little insight into what I have learnt from DSB. It has been life changing for my son, myself and my family.

You would think my son being my second child that I would’ve known what to do from the day he was born, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case at all! We had no routine, I was anxious, my son was catnapping and waking frequently overnight and I felt completely out of control!

Then I was introduced to DSB and everything changed dramatically!! I have always said “why isn’t there any information about babies sleep – especially newborn sleep??”. We get inundated with breast feeding advice, babies health, mothers health but nothing really about new born sleep. Well DSB is here to change all that!

Since starting DSB and following the routine and advice, my son went from catnapping all day to naps of 2-3 hours in length. He is now only waking once overnight to feed, but the most important thing about my sons sleep is that he’s self settling without any sleep aids! He is a happy and chilled little man when he is awake because he’s getting the sleep he needs and deserves, even my family and friends have commented how chilled out he is.

The other massive change from following DSB is within myself. I am now getting the sleep I so desperately needed therefore I am no longer anxious, I’m in control and I am a better mum & wife because I am happy and well rested.

I cannot recommend DSB highly enough, to have this guidance as a new mum is invaluable. My only wish is that DSB had of been around when I had my first baby!”

Ebon, VIC

“I had help for my 10 week old bub who wasn’t sleeping for more than 40 min at a time. The biggest help I got from Dream Start Baby was the ‘all over’ approach which meant feeding, clothing, temperature, routine, lighting … the list goes on!

Once we had these things in place, our baby girl went from not going to sleep at night until somewhere between 8-10pm … to being in bed for the night by 6pm, and even on a ‘bad’ night she is still peacefully asleep by 7pm and only wakes once overnight to feed.

I comfort her each night as she settles and listen to her cries to know when she needs a cuddle, a burp or to just let her settle herself- which she does in under 10 minutes now – thanks to Dream Start Baby. I never realised just how important looking at ‘everything’ was, and now we have a much happier, thriving baby.”


Natalie, VIC

“Babies who sleep, SHINE.”

– Steph Gouin

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